bog gals

On the Instagram account that I’ve started for this short, I have the following bio:

(Someday I’ll look back on that follower count and be like, “Aw!”….right?)

If you’ve read my synopsis, you’ll notice that the cast of this film is exclusively men. Which is fine! It serves the story. This is a tale about men, their feelings, and ways they can support each other.

…but I can’t abide by not having women involved. I’m a dyed in the wool feminist. And so, thought occurred to me very early in the development process:

What if this short was entirely crewed by women?

I’m a woman. The writer, my best friend, is a woman. I wondered if it could be possible, and then I realized that a lot of the folks that I was contemplating reaching out to were women, too. I’ve seen movies about women made by men…why don’t I do the reverse?

So I’m doing it.

Will this be a challenge? Sure. Especially considering that I’ll be shooting in Ireland, where I don’t have as many connections as I do here. But honestly, I’m kind of looking forward to the challenge. I’m looking forward to the environment that it creates. I’m looking forward to bragging about it afterwards.

If you’ve got connections to women in production in Ireland that would like to work on this shoot, feel free to reach out. I don’t have shooting dates yet, but I’m planning on Autumn, 2022.