weekend update

I had a busy weekend of spring cleaning; not only my house, but my energy as well. It’s been a crazy couple of years and I’m doing my very best to clear as many cobwebs as I can. If something just isn’t sitting right with you, might I recommend Missy? She’s worked in production environments in the past, so I felt like I could be totally honest with her and not have to explain the functions of my job or my desires. She just understood.

In more tangential news, I built a mini clay table this weekend for the storyboarding extravaganza I’m planning for myself. I can’t draw, so I’m going to use lil actions figures to plan out shots. Please, appreciate the incredible artistry that I put into this first shot:

an actor rests

Finally, I leave y’all with a (too short!) inspirational video from TIFF 2019, back when we were all summer children, masklessly bounding through the world…

This video came from the Nine Muses Entertainment newsletter from Bryce Dallas Howard, which I highly recommend.

Sidenote: I’ve been able to witness her directing firsthand, and I just adore what she does. She may do a lot of takes but she’s there with the actors, being kind, generous, and supportive. She gives them a lot of room to play. She’s great. I aspire to that.

The advice that I found most helpful in the above clip is to just do it, which is, of course, easier said than done. I was so much better about doing as a teen and in college. The past 15 years have been rough – lots of rejection, questioning, and surviving. The way that social media has risen in that timeframe hasn’t helped; I second guess a lot of what I do because I’m so used to seeing finished products or I’m concerned about how to SEO-ify and/or monetize what I want to do that I never end up doing.

And so, I’m trying not to quantify how much I do every day on this. Some days I do a lot. Some days I think about the project. Some days I reap the benefits of the work I did on other days. But every day, I’m doing something. So rather than saying that I want to direct a short, I have the luxury of saying that I am directing a short.