director = party host

I was listening to DGA’s The Director’s Cut podcast this week, which features THE DANIELS, directors of the wildly wild EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE ALL AT ONCE. (Which, if you haven’t seen it…what are you doing?? Turn off your phone, shut down your computer. Go now.)

At about 15:30, they started talking about creating a vibe on set and advice that they got from “effervescent human being” Joan Darling in the Director’s Lab at Sundance”:

‘You are a party host, and this is your party, and your only goal is to make sure everyone feels comfortable so that they can have the most fun and be the most themselves.

You are trying to basically just bring all these humans together, and just like, organically let them blossom into the best versions of themselves.’ And that has always stuck with us.

Daniel Kwan

I love that. I’ve seen firsthand the difference that ~a vibe~ can create on set. To be honest, I think that’s what I’m most excited about doing – creating an environment that people are happy to be in.

Creating art is cool…I just don’t have an interest in doing it if anyone is miserable.