new crew, new crew!

So nice I said it twice…because I get to announce TWO women joining the crew! First up:

Hillary Lavin

Hillary is has been a film lover her whole life. Her knowledge of the craft is deep, and she’s got two degrees in it: undergrad from Vassar and a Master’s from Florida State University. It was there that she wrote and directed the below, TeppanDead.

At FSU she ended up doing a tone of editing, which is why I asked if she’d like to edit this project. I was thrilled when she accepted! My relationship with Hillary goes way back, I love her dearly, and I trust her with the tone I’m looking to set. Our sense of humor is very similar and I know that I can be straight and honest with her about what I need.

…and she’s my sister-in-law. ? I fully recognize that this is nepotism! But in this early stage of my creative career, I need someone who gets me like Hillary does. There is so much comfort in knowing that I have her guidance and that she’ll take mine.

To make her editing job easier, she’ll also be the Script Supervisor on set. I’m also giving her a Producer title, as she’s been the first person I turn to when it comes to questions about the craft. She’s keeping me in line from a technical perspective.

Shauna Farrell

I met Shauna about five years ago after we both interviewed for a job at the British Film Commission. Awkwardly, I got the job and she didn’t, but I’m so glad that she didn’t let that stand in the way of getting to know each other better. Before she moved back home to Dublin, we worked together with the team at Irish Screen America, where she’d become an Associate Director. She’s also worked for the Topanga Film Festival, and is now the Head of Client Success at Usheru, a platform for the online marketing and distribution of film.

In the same way that I’ve been looking for a creative outlet, so has Shauna. I hopped on a call with her a little over a week ago and she understood exactly what I’m looking to do with The Bog. Immediately and without reservation, I asked her to join as a Producer. She’ll be boots on the ground in Ireland, something we desperately need!

Hillary & Shauna’s socials are listed on the crew page…feel free to learn more about them there!

There are so many more exciting announcements, but I’m going to space out the announcements and wait until they get officially confirmed. What I can say is that we’re zooming ahead on Production details, namely where the production will be occurring.

I’m bubbling over about this project, y’all. It’s true what they say about just doing…these little steps are really starting to add up. ?