still moving forward even if I can’t physically

Y’know what really halts a whole lot of shit?


Before and after of lapiplasty (bunion correction) surgery. First picture shows a curved big toe bone, second picture shows a straightened bone with metal plates near the ankle.

I’ve had aching feet for as long as I can remember, and the sounds that I was making when getting out of bed were not befitting of a woman in her 30’s. So, what you see above is bunion correction.

My de-aging process (and mechanization) has begun.

ANYWHO, surgery fucking thows you off, dude. Lying around doing nothing is *not* relaxing to me. Coming down off the drugs they pumped me up with was not fun. Taking away my ability to have everything around me *just so* is a surefire way to set me off.

It’s been a hard two weeks. I wanted to devote my recovery time to sinking into the storyboarding process, but I just couldn’t focus.

That doesn’t mean I don’t have updates!

1) Joined Women in Film

I’m looking forward to attending their events IRL when I’m cleared to drive a car again. ?

2) Joined Women in Film and Television Ireland

While attending their events will be infinitely more difficult (lol), the team there have reached out to me and offered help when it comes to crewing up. Totally stoked about that.

GIF of Britney Spears saying "Girl power!".

3) In touch with Screen Ireland

Do I happen to have a connection to their Head Of US Production & Partnerships? Did I help him set up a meeting with Ireland’s head of state and the CEO and heads of Production at Netflix in 2019?

GIF of Elizabeth Olsen nodding.

And on that note, IrelandWeek is happening here in LA at the end of the month, something that the Irish Consulate and Screen Ireland have a hand in. I have my diary full of events to attend. Networking, baby….

4) Started a Calendar

I needed to figure out certain tasks and deadlines. Laying it all out has been helpful. Nothing fancy, just printed out an empty calendar for the next few months, reverse engineered it, and then transferred it to Google Calendar. Again, sometimes I gotta go analog!

5) Making Connections

Declaring that I am a director has been a powerful tool. Having a project has given me an excuse to reach out to people I wouldn’t have in the past. I’ve met with some heavy hitters and have emailed with artists in unlikely places. It’s stretching my perspective.

6) Book Reading

I’ve continued with Maria Brito’s How Creativity Rules the World: The Art and Business of Turning Your Ideas into Gold, and started Elizabeth Gilbert’s Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear.

Cover of "How Creativity Rules the World".
Cover of "Big Magic".

Brito’s book is opening my eyes up to art past and present. Big Magic is one of those ones that everyone recommends, and I totally see why. I love the concept of ideas floating around like little spirits. I’m halfway through both.

7) Location Work

Maybe most importantly? I’m about 70% of the way to securing a location. I don’t want to say anything until we’ve got that on lock, but dude…it might be a one stop shop. Here’s to hunkering in one location!!

So while I haven’t made progress in the place I’d hoped, I got so much admin work done in the first half of the month. I wonder if that’s not better for me, so those Producer tasks are cleared out of my brain and I can just focus on being an artiste™️ in my free time this coming week.

Cheers to the process, folks.